Blockchain Lottery

Slotto is a blockchain lottery. Hence all your tickets are verified and immutable. In a consensus algorithm the universal ledger keeps all your transactions. Slotto is above all decentralized and virtually incorruptible. Anyone can instantly purchase a ticket from anywhere. Click here to get one.


Unlike traditional lottery we have no data centers. To clarify, your data resides on the blockchain. Note that humans and centralized servers are easily corruptible. Slotto on the other hand is powered by 20 decentralized, elected nodes that reach a consensus every 1~3 seconds (Delegated Proof of Stake). As long as you keep your private keys safe, any kind of data tampering is unlikely. 

How does it work?

After the countdown, Slotto records random sets of numbers on the blockchain. Namely we use fortuna rand to create each draw. For this is cryptographically strong enough, nobody should be able to accurately predict the outcome. If you’ve purchased a matching ticket, your steem account will receive the prize immediately. 


Slotto is online 24/7. Furthermore, all our data is publicly available, so you can see the entire transactional history hereYou can also see our code at github.  

What is steem?

Steem is a cryptocurrency that powers a social media platform. On the steem blockchain, anybody can build decentralized apps, share content, and monetize without relying on ads. It’s built to be censorship resistant because no single company or organization can control the entire blockchain. For more info check out

What is steemconnect?

Steemconnect is a layer built on top of the steem blockchain. It gives you secure access to decentralized applications. In other words Slotto does not hold any of your information, anywhere. Other than steemconnect or, we recommend that you never give away your password or any of your keys.

Support us on steem

Share your feedback or leave a comment on our blog. Help us make more decentralized apps. You can also reach us at [email protected]